explore the unique relationship between the enneagram and your senses

A Powerful Combination: The Enneagram and Essential Oils EnneaEssentials® is an original program that explores the unique pairing of the Wisdom of the Enneagram with the Wisdom of Essential Oils. This combination can bring us to a deeper Presence and enhance our individual spiritual growth.

The sense of smell, with powerful ties into emotions, can help us become aware of and transport us to our deepest self. It has long been known that Essential Oils have energetic properties able to assist in achieving both physical and emotional health. When paired with the Enneagram, Essential Oils help us get directly to the heart of both our gifts and our stumbling blocks. This dynamic duo can also aid us in becoming more balanced in our Thinking, Feeling and Doing centers. Inhaling aromas from Essential Oils can stimulate areas of our Limbic System, the part of the brain responsible for sense of smell, emotions, behaviors, and long term memories.

This class will be an interactive session with the oils that best support each Type’s growth. We will tap into the power of carefully selected oils to bring us more fully into our three centers of intelligence and learn why and how this is possible. In this Make & Take Workshop you will create three to five items that will support your Enneagram Type. You will learn how Essential Oils can help you balance your centers and combined with the Enneagram enhance your Spiritual journey.

Nan’s newest project, co-created with Aromatherapist Kathleen Davis, of The Girl Behind The Counter, combines essential oils with the Enneagram creating EnneaEssentials. Nan and Kathleen were asked to present their exciting work with EnneaEssentials at the 2016 International Enneagram Association's Global Conference

Next In-Person Workshop: December 7, 2019 @ Atlanta Center for Wellness

10AM - 4PM