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Experience the power of the Enneagram through one-on-one coaching

Coaching sessions are a time of exploration, enrichment, and discovery. Nan will facilitate your journey in understanding your specific Enneagram type and how your type influences different areas of your life. In one-on-one coaching, you will: 

– Take an in depth look at your specific type according to the Enneagram

– Understand how your type interacts with other types and what this means for you

– Enrich and improve your relationships

– Appreciate your unique gifts and stumbling blocks

– Grow in understanding what makes you YOU


  • Individual Sessions (1 hour) -- $100
    Investing in our own growth and personal development is so important, yet often times easy to neglect in our busy world. In this hour, we will take time to focus on YOU. Our time will be spent discovering and understanding your specific Enneagram type. If you do not know your Type I recommend taking the free RHETI assessment before our first session. The test is not decisive but it gives a starting point and a direction to focus. This first session is sure to be insightful and challenging as we recognize and appreciate our gifts and uncover our automatic behaviors that keep us from realizing our full potential.

  • To book a Session click here.

          *Before coming to your first session please complete a Client Intake Form.

  • Couples & Pre-Marital Consultations (2 hours) -- $175
    We're always told that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. But that isn't true! Come discover you and your significant other's individual Enneagram types and learn how each type influences and relates to the other. Discover your strengths as a couple while always understanding areas of growth. This intensive two hour session lays a great foundation for strengthening a couple's understanding and communication.

  • To book Couples & Pre-Marital Consultations click here.

          *Before coming to your first session please complete a Client Intake Form.

  • Workshops & Presentations
    Workshops and speaking engagements are uniquely tailored to meet the need of your particular group! If you are interested in learning more about our customizable workshops and presentations, please contact us.

*Please note that Nan is not a trained therapist, rather her work centers on Enneagram coaching. Though her work is not therapy, many find the work done through Enneagram coaching to be amazingly therapeutic.