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It's a story about a girl who...

grew up

went to school

got married

raised a family

and then found herself…

She found herself beginning a NEW journey…

My journey led me to begin a practice as an Enneagram Coach, Teacher, and Workshop Facilitator at The Atlanta Center for Wellness. Seeing how the Enneagram transformed my own relationships with family, friends and most of all myself motivated me to become a Riso-Hudson Certified Teacher and Authorized Professional with the Enneagram Institute. Completing the course of study in Spiritual Direction through the Hayden Institute continues the path I am on.

I am Nan Henson and I have used the Enneagram supported with Mindfulness practices and my faith over the past 11 years to work with individuals, couples, families, churches, non-profit groups, and businesses. I have witnessed firsthand how the power of the Enneagram can lead the way to a more peaceful, joyful, and compassionate way to live life and strengthen our relationships. Needless to say, I am passionate about sharing this important system with others.